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Our Philosophy: 

Information is not knowledge.  Information is only parts of data on the path to knowledge. Information can be defined as collection of facts or data.

Knowledge can then be understood as the ability to apply that information to achieve a goal.

Wisdom would then dictate when, where and whether to use that knowledge.

Our Mission:

To provide quality manuals, how-to instructions, helpful hints,  and videos to assist AbanteCart users obtain useful information and achieve knowledge to better tap the power of AbanteCart.

In most situations it’s not having access to the information that gives you the edge, it’s your ability to convert information into wisdom that does.


Lee, You are a remarkable woman. You have taught me more in a short period of time, opened up new avenues to me and have enhanced the site more than all the other individuals I have come across in the 2 years since site was initiated. You are most definitely an Angel on my shoulder.
Paul K
I really cannot thank you enough for all you do, and I truly appreciate everything you do. It is great knowing I do not have to worry when I know you have a well-oiled machine operation! 🙂 My store is always online (5 years and counting) and your response time to my questions on how to do some thing is almost immediate. Your suggestions on how to improve my Create your own Mix were terrific and really upped the sales of that feature.
Stephanie R
Only great things to say about these guys. The ecommerce site is terrific for features. The site is fast for my customers. The support is fantastic. The support team is knowledgeable and really knows me and my business needs. I don’t feel like I am just a number but a valued client.
Pauline M

Why People Love Us

Our AbanteCart divisions:

Extensions that we write for our managed services clients to enhance their eCommerce sites.  Available via the Market Place within AbanteCart or directly from our store.

We take out the hassle of running your website, the hassle of updating and maintaining your website and keeping your hosting account tuned to the latest security and configured to work flawlessly with AbanteCart.

Everything we have learned in 10+ years of using AbanteCart as our ecommerce platform for our customers. Detailed information about AbanteCart admin settings, tips and tricks, and more!

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