How to install?

There are two ways to install the extension.
1. Via admin panel-Extensions-Extensions Store to buy the extension and install it via admin panel.
2. If you purchased the extension via our store, you can upload the extension and install it via admin panel-Extensions-Install Extension-Extension Upload.

How to upgrade?

Upload the correct extension version and install it via admin panel > Extension > Install Extension > Extension Upload.
For most of the extensions just directly install the extension upgrade without loss of the settings. You do not need to uninstall or delete your existing extension version.

The exceptions to the general rule for specific extensions are listed below:
For upgrading versions of:
1. Telephone Option v1.2.7.4.
2. VAT/Tax Option v1.2.6.4.
3. Advanced Reports v1.2.0.8.

The core/lib/package_manager.php file in some AbanteCart versions must be replaced.Please check the details and find the download here . This should be done PRIOR to install/update of this extension.

For upgrading AbanteCart Core and all versions of Telephone Option Prior to v1.2.7.4, Advanced Reports v1.2.0.8, VAT/Tax ID Option v1.2.6.4:
1. Uninstall the existing extensions.
2. Delete it.
3. Install new version, then setup the settings.

How to manage shipping locations?

There is a field called Location within our shipper extension. It is used to restrict the shipping locations that was set by you via System -> Localization -> Locations.
Lets say you want to ship to US and UK only. You have to:
1. Create a new location and name it to your desired name (e.g. limited country), then add United States and United Kingdom as the countries that you will ship to from the Location Zones. Please refer to AbanteCart manual about how to create location and edit location zones.
2. Select the limited country (or whatever you named the location) as the location in our shipper location field, save the extension settings.

How to set product dimension for our shippers extension

Our shippers extension will use the dimension that is set in the shippers settings page (by default it’s 5x5x5 if you leave the dimension empty), and only use the calculated product weight by our length calculator extension.

You need to turn ON the Ship Product Individually option within products general tab page in order to have shippers use your specific individual product dimensions. This will be treated as a separate shipping.

How to set extensions sort/run order if you are using multiple extensions

Important Notes: Only for Australia Post Integration. Other shippers don’t need to set the sort order.
If you are using our Option Price Lite, Option Price Pro, Option Price Link Pro, Product As Option, Australia Post integration and Pricing calculators, please set the extensions sort/run order according to the following sequence:
1. Option Price Lite, Option Price Pro, Option Price Link Pro: Set to 1.
2. Product As Option: Set to 2.
3. Pricing calculators: Set to 3. If you are using multiple of pricing calculators, you can set all of the sort/run order to 3.
4. Australia Post Integration: Set to 4.