Default Stripe

v.1.0.6 rev 21 Oct 2020

Important Notes:
A. These patches are from the core devs.
B. You must replace the files with the patch file.
C. The download link is the folder name of the files that should be replaced.

Steps to replace the file:

1. Download the patch files to your PC:
A. extensions/default_stripe/admin/controller/pages/extension/
B. extensions/default_stripe/admin/language/english/default_stripe/
C. extensions/default_stripe/admin/view/default/template/pages/extension/
D. extensions/default_stripe/
E. extensions/default_stripe/core/
F. extensions/default_stripe/core/
G. extensions/default_stripe/storefront/view/default/template/responses/
H. extensions/default_stripe/storefront/model/extension/
I. extensions/default_stripe/storefront/controller/responses/extension/

2. Login to cPanel, click on public_html/your_site/, upload the files there or

3. Open your FTP Client, click on public_html/your_site/, upload the files there.

4. Do NOT delete the extension. You just need to uninstall the extension and reinstall default stripe extension.