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v.1.0.1 rev 20 May 2021

Files updated as of Jul 12, 2021 by core developer.  If you uploaded patch file prior to that date please reload the patch file.

We have pushed the patch file to AbanteCart Github and they have approved and merged it into the next AbanteCart v1.3.1.

How to Backup an Installation and Upload the File:
1. Make a backup of your installation. Please refer the how-to backup using Softaculous here.
2. Download the patch file (1 file) to your PC
3. Extract the file if you want to upload via FTP client.
4. There are two ways to upload the file:
a. Login to cPanel, click on public_html/your_site/,upload the zipped patch file and extract. Refer to our how-to here or
b. Open your FTP Client, click on public_html/your_site/, upload the extracted file there.